Achieve Financial Stability

The MyBudgetCoach® service, powered by Solutions for Progress, helps low- and moderate-income working families and individuals improve their ability to budget and make well-informed financial decisions.

While people at any income level can benefit from improving their budgeting skills, it is particularly important in low- and moderate-income families where, with little cushion, making uninformed financial decisions can have severe consequences. The MyBudgetCoach financial coaches are the catalysts for good fiscal behavior, delivering tools to members as they work together to achieve long-term financial stability.

The MyBudgetCoach service works through community-based organizations throughout the country that will match a professionally trained financial coach with a member. The matched coach and member meet for monthly sessions, with each session covering budgeting techniques, various vital financial management concepts, and goal-attainment strategies. Meetings between coaches and members can take place in-person or remotely via the Internet utilizing screen-sharing technology.

Tools for Financial Wellness

The MyBudgetCoach online platform offers tools that allow the member to track budgets and expenses in real-time, track progress towards achieving important financial goals and complete homework designed to reinforce important financial capability concepts. A coach will use the online platform to track the member’s progress and encourage the member to stay on task in between sessions.

Through a unique licensing program, Solutions for Progress will work with interested organizations seeking to offer the MyBudgetCoach service in their community. For more information about the MyBudgetCoach service, please contact Peter Rubenstein by email ( or phone at 215-701-8079.