Carving out a path

Our public policy team applies years of expertise to find ways to remove the obstacles, barriers, and burdens to progress. We are tackling the most difficult problems of poverty and inequality facing our society today through research, business analysis, and policy development.


SfP has more than a decade’s experience creating new strategies and technologies for benefits and tax access. This experience informs the work of our policy experts, who study the ways in which the combined effect of the benefits, refunds, credits, and financial wellness services can reduce poverty and, in many cases, help individuals and families achieve economic stability and self-sufficiency.

We share our accumulated expertise with the nonprofit affiliates in our National Network, as well as with other experts in poverty and access issues. Together we demonstrate best practices, advocate for better work-supports access and job opportunities, and prove that a multiple-support approach can greatly enhance the well-being of people with low and moderate incomes, while at the same time, ease the administrative burden on government, stimulate local economies, and bring federal dollars into states.

Policy In Action

SfP’s Policy teams translate complex laws and regulations into clear rules that our programmers use to produce an accurate, understandable online service.  The Policy Department ensures that applications are fully completed, eligibility assessments are consistent with the policies of administrative agencies, and applicants and taxpayers understand what they need to do to successfully submit their forms and supplemental documents. Where TBB and other technology solutions delivered by SfP serve a public policy purpose, the Policy Department sees that these purposes are met. The Policy Department also makes sure that SfP services are maintained in accordance with legislative and administrative updates.

The Policy Department contains a pre-development and advisory team, five development teams (Development Research, Business Analysis, Content & Translation, Training, and Design), and a post-development team.  In general, our Policy teams serve as subject matter experts on how policies and legislation result in SfP’s final products.

Policy Analysis

In addition to its development-focused work, SfP’s Policy Department conducts broader research and analysis aimed at reducing poverty in America. Every year we compile an exhaustive data set of those who are eligible for, but not receiving, the work and income supports and tax benefits to which they are entitled. Using governmental and private sources, we assess areas where the need for our services is greatest. We conduct extensive research into what public benefits are available and how they are administered throughout the United States. We also explore creative solutions to increase benefits access, such as how to create specific platforms for individuals with shared concerns or challenges (veterans, low-income postsecondary students, young adults, the homeless and mentally ill).